Clarity is Key

Clear inner vision is critical if we are to achieve peace and prosperity. By developing a focused awareness of our inner state, particularly the relationhip between our thoughts and our feelings, we shine light on a view of reality that resists the flow of peace and prosperity into our life. By learning to observe not just how we are feeling but what we are thinking about how we are feeling, we can begin to see that how we feel in any moment is a choice, if we can see each defective program running on autopilit and then stopping them. This is most difficult at first, but with time, and practice we can achieve complete control over our emotional state, regardless of what circumstances arise.

This is true power and inner strength.

This is the purpose of meditation, yoga, and holistic healing. Each aims to improve our happiness, health and inner strength. And every time we feel more happy, peaceful, confident, and secure, the life of our dreams comes closer to us experiencing it. This program is a short cut that keeps us in a positive state and therefore attracting what we truly want.

If ever we feel victimized and feelings of powerlessness, blame, or shame arise, we can observe this undesirable state and shift our focus to what we want (happiness, satisfaction, joy, excitement), rather than what we don’t want (shame, guilt, fear, doubt). Even if you aren’t sure why certain unwanted experiences keep happening, if you are suffering at all, you know somewhere a limiting program is running in your mind that is distorting your perception. in short, a lie is being told, and that lie is holding your dreams outside your experience of life.

When we can feel good about things we don’t like, this is the first step to getting what we want. One way to do this is to feel gratitude because each negative experience holds the seed of what we DO want within it. The next step is focusing as much energy and attention to what you truly want and never ever ever giving up! You can and will have the life of your dreams. And even if right now all you want is to feel better, develop more self love, compassion, acceptance, peace….and maybe a new car and the partner of your dreams. All this and more is possible and I will totally show you how to do that.

I credit meditation to being the most significant transformative agent in my life. When I started meditating, I was lead to incredible awakenings that drugs and alcohol pale in comparison to.  I found a new purpose. I found the strength, focus, guidance, motivation and determination to pursue my new dreams. This all began only 6 years ago while I was in my first year of University for nursing. At the time I was just using basic meditation (focusing on the breath), and I still do sometimes. But these days I prefer the turbo charge method. There are several amazing programs that combine the brilliance of meditation with new brainwave technologies and actually induce meditative states in order to access the subconscious more directly. This is similar to removing viruses and installing programs that you enjoy using on your computer. In my opinion, it’s the fastest and most effective way to becoming a successful, happy, confident, and peaceful person who knows their purpose and gets what they want.  This is a very effective program that is only a $1.00 to try out and you get to keep the program materials even if you don’t want to continue on with the actual program. It’s called Meditation Manifestation and it can change your life in a very meaningful and profound way. May you achieve the life of your dreams and experience happiness, success, joy and wealth.

Much Love,



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