Meditation for Children

The happiest people in the world are those who know and understand their hearts and the most confused, fearful, and sad are those who do not. I stand for freedom, truth and love, and I think while many may say they do, I don’t see people living it. We complain, criticise, and put our brothers and sisters down far too often because we don’t love ourselves, because we aren’t in touch with our hearts. By practicing love for ourselves we can put an end to this because when you love yourself there is no need to cut another down to level things back out. If we understand our divine nature as a unique and deserving part of this miraculous creation, just like everyone and everything else, we go about life with a sense of peace, understanding and ease. This is our birthright and this is what our children can be taught to tap into and utilize for the rest of their life, making success and happiness something that is naturally found within. Rather than seeking a good education, a good job, getting money and possessions, these things will happen completely naturally and organically because they know who they are, why they came here, and what to do. They will know their hearts desires, and when you follow your heart, you cannot go wrong.

Freedom to me means to be able to be who you are without fear, and without pain, but in grade school and highschool children begin to “make fun” of others, sometimes causing their True Self to be shrouded by the pain and fear which becomes linked to being who they are. Every parent and every person who has ever met a young child understands how beautiful and free they are in their ability to express themselves, to play and to imagine. If children were taught meditation from an early age they would continue to be strong in who they are throughout their teens and beyond. The fear of being their True Self would not be compromised by the overdevelopment of a fearful and protective ego-identity. The identity develops in their teenage years and if there isn’t a counterbalance, there can be a oversensitivity to fears and pain that can limit the young being’s creativity and self-expression. With regular meditation a child would be able to tap into their heart with absolute certainty and utilize the wisdom and creativity that goes along with being peaceful and confident in knowing who you are and what you want in life, free from fear, or at least courageous enough to pursue any endeavour that inspires joy, excitement and bliss, regardless of any fear.

Sarah wood at has written a book on child meditation and explains that when we practice a process in our minds we are able to repeat this process in the real world. This is demonstrated in physical and aerobic workouts and yoga. At a gym we practice lifting weights so we can use those muscles in real life. We also love to look good for each other don’t we? Likewise, in yoga we learn how to come into different asana/pose by reaching and stretching into our tension with the breath. We become more flexible in each moment using the power of our breath. And when we are in the moment, we are in touch with our inner guidance system, our intuition…our heart. Once we can be fully in the moment there is peace, trust and sense of knowingness. Everyone has access to this state of being, and considering it’s free, it is very wise to set aside at least 15 minutes a day to practice something that will benefit every single other area of your life.

One meditation for children is the Peace meditation for children 5-13.
There is the Love meditation for children 5-13.
The grounding cord, the sleepy cloud and the happy tree meditation also seem to be very appropriate for young children.

Try it for 10 days, and see how your child and you make a radical shift towards greater peace, freedom and confidence.

If you are considering a regular meditation practice for yourself. I reccommend this program.


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